Welcome to the American Board of Medical Marijuana Physicians!

The American Board of Medical Marijuana Physicians (ABMMP) is the only official certifying body in the United States which provides Board Certification to physicians with expertise in the medical therapeutics and use of cannabinoids and medical marijuana.

Our goal is to provide practicing academicians, research scientists, and physicians throughout the globe world-class board certification and recertification in the medical and therapeutic applications of cannabinoids and medical marijuana, in order to demonstrate their foundational base of knowledge; professional experience, skill and expertise; commitment to ethical practice; and life-long dedication and commitment to continued education and training. The ABMMP written and oral board examinations are valid, reliable and psychometrically sound, and are consistent with the basic testing standards of The American Educational Research Association and The American Psychological Association.

The ABMMP’s clinically based written and oral examinations are developed using rigorous standards for measuring the knowledge base and skill set required to provide the highest level of patient care available. Physicians who earn Board Certification through the ABMMP are members of a highly distinguished community of physicians whose priority is the advancement of patient care and safety through the administration of cannabinoids and medical marijuana therapies. Because the ABMMP accepts applications from qualified clinicians, academicians, research scientists, and practicing physicians world-wide, the ABMMP board certified physician provides expertise and leadership in cannabinoids and medical marijuana therapies throughout the globe.

The ABMMP Board Certification and Examination processes fairly and accurately document and measure a physician’s professional experience, skill and knowledge of the core competencies required to provide the highest level of patient care available to patients with a wide-range of illnesses – including some of the most complex auto-immune and devastating neurological infirmities.  By requiring competency in medical ethics as part of the Board Certification and Board Re-Certification process, the ABMMP strives to maintain patient compassion and the highest professional standards of ethics and commitment to the practice of medicine and therapeutics involving cannabinoids and medical marijuana.

I welcome you to the ABMMP website – and encourage you to evaluate our eligibility criteria and apply for Board Certification – and gain world recognition as being a member of a highly distinguished community of experts and clinicians who have demonstrated a mastery of the core body of knowledge and skills required to engage in the competent and professional practice of medicine and bio-therapeutics involving cannabinoids and medical marijuana, and whose priority is the advancement of patient care and safety through their commitment to the highest level of ethical principles.

I personally look forward to helping you with your professional advancement!

President and Chairman of the Board, American Board of Medical Marijuana Physicians
United States Fulbright Scholar in Law
President and Chairman of the Board, Fulbright Academy of Law, Peace and Public Health
Fellow, American Institute for Healthcare Quality
Board Certified, American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians
Academie de’ Droit International de La Haye
The Hague Academy of International Law, Advanced Certificate in International Law