Board Certification Applications / Eligibility & Requirements Applications for Certification & Recertification

All applications for board certification and recertification are available through the American Board of Medical Marijuana Physicians (ABMMP). All information submitted by the applicant is subject to primary source verification. Submission of false or misleading information constitutes grounds for exclusion from the certification processes. By signing the application the applicant agrees to hold harmless the ABMMP, and all parties responding in good faith, during verification, and for actions taken by the ABMMP during its thorough review of the information submitted within any application.

If, after a period of one (1) year from the submission of an application by an applicant, all of the application materials are not deemed complete and the application has not been approved by the Credentials Committee of the ABMMP, the application will become invalid, thereby, requiring the applicant to submit a new application and application fee in order to pursue ABMMP board certification.

ABMMP Board Certification – Eligibility & Requirements

To be eligible for certification by American Board of Medical Marijuana Physicians (ABMMP) the applicant must submit the following to the ABMMP Credentials Committee:

  1. Submit a completed ABMMP board certification Application form.
  2. Submit the required application processing fee.
  3. Submit two (2) passport-size photographs.
  4. Be in conformity with the Code of Ethics of the ABMMP.
  5. Be known in his/her community as an ethical member of the profession.
  6. Be an active academic, scientific or clinical practitioner of medical marijuana.
  7. Be a graduate of a recognized college of medicine (for physicians), confirmed by a copy of an allopathic/osteopathic degree; and, if a foreign applicant, a letter of verification from the institution where the degree was earned and granted.  A foreign applicant must also present an official third-party English translation of any required document not already appearing in English in its original form.
  8. In the case of physicians and clinicians, hold a valid, current and unrestricted license to practice medicine or their specific field, in the United States or its territories, or in Canada, or in the foreign jurisdiction where the applicant currently practices; submission of Licensure verification;
  9. Submit copies of all professional licenses. License(s) must include date of expiration.
  10. Submit current curriculum vitae listing all academic experiences and degrees earned in chronological order.
  11. Submit two (2) letters of recommendation indicating applicant is an ethical member of his profession, and has the general knowledge, experience and skill in the use of cannabinoids and medical marijuana. Letters of recommendation must be current (dated no more than one (1) year prior to the date the application is received by the ABMMP) and must be on letterhead stationery, which includes a telephone number, and be in the original format (copies are not accepted). The letters must accompany the Application upon submission.
  12. Submit a documented summary of a minimum of ten (10) Clinical Patient Case Summaries (with different primary treating Diagnoses) describing choice and details of medical marijuana treatment plan. Case reports must be no older than twelve (12) months from the date the candidate’s application for certification is received by ABMMP.

ABMMP Board Certification – Case Report Requirements

An applicant must submit two (2) separately compiled copies of six (6) case reports (EACH WITH A DIFFERENT PRIMARY TREATMENT DIAGNOSIS) in the following format:

  1. Case reports must be typewritten (word processor); double-spaced; and be on 8.5”X11” white paper.
  2. Case reports must Contain an Index / Table of Contents with pages listed.
  3. Case reports shall contain the following information:
    1. Case # (in lieu of Patient Name)
    2. Primary Treatment Diagnosis
    3. Patient Complaint / Symptoms
    4. Qualification: Delineation of how this particular patient satisfies a particular qualifying medical condition under the pertinent State statute where the patient was treated.
    5. Pertinent Physical and Laboratory findings
    6. Treatment Considerations: Describes what the clinician considered in determining the correct administration and dosage, and form of administration, for the cannabinoid or medical marijuana used in a particular patient.
    7. List and Summary of Scientific References indicating efficacy of the use of medical marijuana in the particular patient.
    8. Clinical Outcome / Results of Treatment
    9. Copies of the Physician’s Medical Record on the Case Summary Patient (Patient name redacted / blacked-out).

Note bene: Because the ABMMP Credentials Committee utilizes a high degree of detailed scrutiny in reviewing the Case reports, they must be carefully prepared and well written. The ABMMP Credentials Committee reserves the right to seek additional details for any case submitted by the applicant as it may deem necessary.

If Case reports are not submitted in the EXACT format and order as described above, they will be rejected and the application will remain incomplete.

At the end of the application, there is a checklist detailing the items required for attachment or submission in order for your application to be considered complete. Please review the materials you are submitting against this checklist. If after a period of one (1) year from submission of an application, all of the application materials are not deemed complete and the application has not been approved by the ABMMP, such application will become invalid, thereby requiring the applicant to submit a new application and fee in order to pursue certification by the ABMMP.

ABMMP Recertification

The ABMPP Standards for Re-certification includes the requirement that re-certification is required every five (5) years. Only an Oral Examination shall be required for re-certification by the ABMMP. Because the item banks contain questions that are relevant to the medical practice of medical marijuana, the items are clinically relevant and applicable to those who have possibly had more years of experience than physicians who are typically applying for initial certification. The recertification examinations are assessing skills and knowledge applicable to acceptable medical practices in the use of cannabinoids and medical marijuana.

Requirements for Recertification

To be eligible for re-certification by ABMMP the applicant must submit the following to the ABMMP Credentials Committee:

  1. Submit a completed re-certification application.
  2. Submit payment of appropriate re-certification fee.
  3. A list of CME hours earned by the candidate during the five (5) years since the last ABMMP board certification which include the topic of medical marijuana; official certificates or proof of completion of such CME hours must be attached with the application for re-certification.
  4. Copy of current valid unrestricted medical license with expiration date.
  5. Attestation of no disciplinary actions since last ABMMP board certification by an medical board, licensing authority or governmental agency.
  6. Successfully pass the written examination offered by the ABMPP.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The ABMMP does not discriminate against any person on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin, medical condition, physical disability, or marital status.